News Brief

NNEPRA reports May ridership missed FY2017 target by 5%, due to loss of approximately 2,500 riders because of weekend curtailments and heat restrictions. May ridership was only 261 passengers below May of last year. FY2017 YTD ridership is 9% ahead of target. When the June numbers come in, FY2017 promises to be a very successful year. 

wedavis1When it comes to superlatives, our chairman - Wayne Davis - finds it hard to find that horn to toot regarding his accomplishments. Fortunately, there are others who know of his extraordinary vision and are willing and able to 'blow that horn' over how he transformed public transportation along the Brunswick-Boston corridor (That 'corridor' will be expanded by another 30 miles to Brunswick on November 1st).

Tom Bell's excellent article, quoting past and present public officials, is a fitting tribute to Wayne who delivered the Downeaster to a public yearning to use Amtrak as their second car. It can be read in the Portland Press Herald. {jcomments on}