News Brief

NNEPRA reports May ridership missed FY2017 target by 5%, due to loss of approximately 2,500 riders because of weekend curtailments and heat restrictions. May ridership was only 261 passengers below May of last year. FY2017 YTD ridership is 9% ahead of target. When the June numbers come in, FY2017 promises to be a very successful year. 

WaynePRACChairman Wayne Davis and Vice Chair Andy Hyland briefed the DOT's Passenger Rail Advisory Council yesterday in Augusta on TRN's vision of direct service from Maine to New York City. The Downeaster would go as far as Worcester - connecting passengers to existing Amtrak service there. The proposal would require the upgrade of existing tracks from Lowell to Worcester. From Worcester, passengers would continue on to Springfield, Hartford, New Haven and then NYC.


This would eliminate the awkward transfer in Boston from North to South Station - a daunting journey for many southbound passengers. It would also bring many new tourists and business folk to Maine from the Big Apple and the major cities of central New England. The proposal was generally well received.