Member John Graback passed along the following article regarding the PANAM plows and their 'pipeline on the rails.' Enjoy!


Here are links to a nice digital photo and an HD video of a pair of Pan Am Railway's big Russell plows clearing the tracks north of Portland after this weekend's big storm:

The interesting part of the video is from 0:45 to 1:15. They typically have a plow at each end of the locomotives so they can plow in either direction. The railroad only bring these huge plows out after the biggest storms, so getting a video of one in action is a rare event! Now this is what you need to clear your driveway - LOL!

The middle part of this video shows one of the empty 100+ car oil trains enroute from Irving's refinery at St. John, NB back to North Dakota, for another load of crude oil from the Bakken fields. I think this is in New Gloucester; I'm not really sure. It looks like this was the first train through there (even before the plow) after the storm. Obviously, they didn't get as much snow inland as we did along the coast.{jcomments on}
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