BLFThe Federal Railroad Agency, which has jurisdiction over U.S. railroad activities, issued its long-awaited review of the Brunswick Layover Facility's Environmental Assessment provided to the agency by NNEPRA. The FRA issued a FONSI (A Finding of No Significant Impact) which clears the way for construction to begin on the BLF. It will house three train sets just 0.6 miles from the Brunswick Station.

The West Brunswick Neigborhood Coalition had actively opposed the facility's location, along with several state officials, claiming it would have a significant negation impact on their community which is located next to a long-established freight yard. The FRA rejected that conclusion.

TrainRiders/NE Chairman Wayne Davis commented,  " We always expected a FONSI because TNE followed the NNEPRA process from the very beginning and NNEPRA did everything by the book so there really couldn't have been any other ruling but a FONSI! Congratulations to NNEPRA's Executive Director Patricia Quinn and her outstanding staff."

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