NNEPRA's Year-to-Date Performance Report shows a return to normal conditions. For example, March's On Time Performance averaged 93%! As a volunteer at the Saco Train Station, I can attest to those numbers as #685 frequently coasts in a minute to two early. From NNEPRA's Brian Beeler II (as of March 10th), "Out of 210 trains operated this month to date – 87 of them arrived early to their final station!" 

Track Maintenance

It was announced that the next round of tie replacements on the PanAm tracks would begin in October of this year - leaving spring, summer and early fall free of any planned disruptions to the schedule.

Note from Saco Station

As a Station Host in Saco, one meets up with many fascinating people. Some are taking the train for the first time; others are veterans of passenger rail; and then are those moments that can only be categorized as 'special'.

One such event happened last night as some 30 Thornton Academy students were awaiting the appearance of #685. When the train arrived, out came 14 students from Nantes, France with their two teachers. They were exchange students eager to practice their English just as the Thornton students were eager to practice their French. Next year, the Thorntonites will spend two weeks in Nantes.

Unexpected rewards associated with volunteering!