News Brief

TrainRiders/Northeast's 30th Annual Meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn by-the-Bay in Portland on December 14th at 12:30. The timing is convenient for north and southbound trains with free transportation between the Portland Tranportation Center and the Holiday Inn. You'll soon be able to use this website to make your reservations and luncheon selections - stay turned!

delayoverCommissioner Patricia Aho signed the approval letter to NNEPRA today which grants the rail authority its much sought after and frequently delayed Storm Water Runoff permit. There is, as expected, a list of "Special Conditions" that must be met. None seems to be excessively burdensome.

Tom Bell of the Portland Press Herald has written a thorough article on the decision including quotes from opponents who threaten to appeal.

Interested in the details of the decison? Go here.

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NNEPRA has done its work responsibly and professionally. Congratulations.