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peformancehalffy2013The numbers continue to grow as NNEPRA reported the results of the first half of FY2013.

The chart shows ridership increased 10% over the same period of FY2012 - revenue increased 17% and On Time Performance was at 82% in the first half of FY2013, as opposed to 74% in FY2012.

Rider Profile:

  • 59% of riders travelled to or from a Maine station generating 69% of ticket revenue.
  • 30% of riders travelled between NH stations and Boston generating 24% of revenue.
  • 30% of total riders travelled using multi-ride passes, generating 15% of total revenue.

These statistics reflect the expansion of service to Freeport and Brunswick.


January Statistics:

  • Ridership increased over January of 2012 by 1,095 to 38,946. Revenue increased by $38,211 to $557,145.
  • On Time Performance average 81.50%
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction Score for December of 2012 was 92% - Amtrak overall was 87%.

Schedule changes:

The Downeaster’s Spring/Summer Schedule is expected to begin on April 1, 2013.  While these changes have not yet been completely confirmed, the proposed changes are as follows:

  • Train 687 will return to its 5:40pm departure slot from Boston.
  • Train 688 will return to its 7:55pm departure from Portland, meaning it will depart Brunswick at 7:00pm and Freeport at 7:15pm respectively.
  • Train 689 will return to its summer departure time from Boston of 11:20pm
  • Service to Old Orchard Beach (all trains) will begin.{jcomments on}