The NNEPRA Board voted to move forward today with Phase 1 of the Brunswick Layover Facility expected to cost $12 million. The board...

  1. Approved a cooperative agreement with MDOT to fund the construction - Commissioner David Bernhardt, a member of the NNEPRA board, has identified federal funds available for this project.
  2. Authorized NNEPRA to proceed with Phase 1 - preliminary engineering work for the development of a $12 million indoor train layover facility in Brunswick, with the award of the design-build contract to Consigli Construction Company of Portland.

This followed an extensive discussion with two members of the Brunswick West Neighborhood Coalition who once again requested that other sites be considered, based on noise and pollution concerns, and that public input would be part of the BLF process as it continues. The board and Executive Director Patricia Quinn assured them that there would be ample opportunity for public comment.


A letter of strong opposition to the West Brunswick location from State Senator Stan Gerzofsky was read into the record, a copy of which can be viewed here.

Performance Report

  • statsfeb13The February blizzard and the ongoing bridge construction in Massachusetts resulted in the annulment of 18 trains in February, thus driving down ridership and revenue numbers.
  • January On Time Performance was at 83.90%
  • January Customer Satisfaction was at 93%

Schedule Changes on April 1st

  • Train 687 will return to its 5:40pm departure slot from Boston.
  • Train 688 will return to its 7:55pm departure from Portland, meaning it will depart Brunswick at 7:00pm and Freeport at 7:15pm respectively.
  • Train 689 will return to its summer departure time from Boston of 11:20pm

Senior Discount to be Reduced on #685 & #695

Due to heavy ridership on #685 and #695 and in an effort to shift seniors to #687 and #697, the board voted to reduce the 50% senior discount to 15% on #685 and #695.

Bike Share in Portland

The board approved a one-year pilot program to provide day-rental bikes at the Portland Transportation Center. Details are still being worked out.{jcomments on}