News Brief

NNEPRA reports May ridership missed FY2017 target by 5%, due to loss of approximately 2,500 riders because of weekend curtailments and heat restrictions. May ridership was only 261 passengers below May of last year. FY2017 YTD ridership is 9% ahead of target. When the June numbers come in, FY2017 promises to be a very successful year. 

NNEPRA has issued a notice for public comment regarding proposed Downeaster fare increases.

In summary, from the NNEPRA notice:

  • One-Way Peak fares between most city pairs will increase by $1.00
  • Monthly Commuter Passes will increase 0%-7% based on city pairs.
  • 10-Ride Passes will increase 0%-5% based on city pairs.

Adjusting fares to meet rising costs allows NNEPRA to stay within budget and reduce the impact on taxpayer contributions.

October is set aside for public comment with a board vote in November. The full schedule of changes is contained in NNEPRA's 2012 Fare Proposal.