Downeaster's FY2013 Performance to Date Maintains Performance Growth

FY 2013 to Date:


What happens to year-to-date Downeaster ridership and revenue figures when, in the third quarter, 18 trains are cancelled due to February storms and bridge reconstruction in Massachusetts results in 20 trains being cancelled and 28 more prohibited from getting to Boston? The answer is that FY2013 to date still delivers a 6% ridership increase and revenue growth of 12% (over the first three quarters of FY 2012)! The NNEPRA report goes on to note that ridership during the February school vacation week was 7% higher than last year as larger school groups ride the train.

Nine Month to Date Statistics

Average daily ridership: 1,605

  • Average Passenger Fair: $14.72
  • Average Miles per Passenger: 83
  • 57% travelled to or from a Maine station generating 68% of ticket revenue.
  • 31% travelled between NH stations and Boston generating 25% of revenue.

Boston to Freeport & Brunswick, Finally!

Work closely with NNERPA, rally the members, maintain contact with the local, state & federal officials - and, voila, the expansion to Freeport and Brunswick finally enters the 'accomplished' column!

Of course, it's quite that quite that easy. It took 23 years to bring it to fruition after our organization set Boston-Brunswick as our original goal back in 1989. The celebration at Brunswick is not to be forgotten.

President's Proposed Budget Allocates $40 Billion to Passenger Rail Over 5 Years

From Ross Capon, President and CEO of the National Associaton of Railroad Passengers:

President Pushes Bold Plan for Passenger Rail


The Obama Administration released its budget request for Fiscal Year 2014 today, and the President has once again put forth a bold plan for transforming and expanding train service in the United States, with $40 billion in passenger rail investment over the next five years.

The Administration’s budget allocates $6.6 billion to the Federal Rail Administration for fiscal 2014, with increasing amounts each subsequent year through 2019, then decreasing amounts to 2023. The request will be a boost for Amtrak, coming a day before the House Committee on Transportation holds a hearing on the railroad’s FY 2014 budget. 

TrainRiders/NE Hosts Regional NARP Meeting

There are 'successful' meetings, and there are 'SUCCESSFUL' meetings - the Saturday meeting of the NARP New England Region was of the capital-letter variety.

TrainRiders/NE hosted the gathering which began with a luncheon and then moved to the business at hand. NARP Representatives from the five New England states, including our chairman Wayne Davis, brought the attendees up-to-date of their passenger rail successes and challenges.

Malcolm Kenton, NARP's Outreach and Engagement Director, outlined Amtrak's national vision as well as its budget issues; NNEPRA Executive Director Patricia Quinn briefed on the Downeaster's growth and its expansion to Freeport and Brunswick; while Wayne Davis spoke of the Downeaster's potential beyond it current route and the neighborhood opposition to the Brunswick Layover Facility.  David J Carol, Market Leader for Parsons Brinkerhoff's High Speed Rail programs brought us up to date on various high speed rail programs around the country.

The session ended by mid-afternoon so that many of the delegates could head south on #696. There was a general consensus that the meeting was well-organized by Steven Musen, RI Representative and Wayne Davis, Maine's Representative.  Also thanks to TRN board members Valarie Lamont, Bruce Sleeper Esq. and Bill Lord.  Val and Bruce handled the registration efforts with Steve Musen and Bill, our Webmaster, handled the technical aspects of the computerized power point and DVD presentation. The event was certainly well-attended with close to 80 attendees and well worth the time. Sounds like the definition of a 'SUCCESSFUL' meeting!