Wayne Davis Provides the 'Real Story' Behind the Brunswick West 'BLF Open House' Complaints

When Consigli Construction Company offered a public tour of the Brunswick Layover Facility last week, one Brunswick West attendee threw a fit and left...and that's just the beginning of the story. The 'rest of the story' is from Chairman Wayne Davis, who was one of the invited guests. Here is his letter to the Times Record.

"TrainRiders/Northeast has, with mounting exasperation, read diatribes (many of them based on inaccurate assumptions and information) in this newspaper against the Brunswick Layover Facility and passenger rail in general. More recently (Private MLF Meeting Hijacked, 12/17/2015), these spurious attacks started to target TrainRiders itself. In that letter, Sandy Buckles indicates that she organized a tour of the layover site with Consigli Construction and intended it to be a private event attended only by certain select neighbors, and not by the public in general.

Durham-UNH Sets New Records!

A Christmas gift from Durham-UNH

The Amtrak Downeaster is celebrating its 15th year of service this month. Major corridor track reconstruction over the past 18 months (now finished) resulted in train cancellations and delays affecting ridership growth. UNH-Durham ridership for FY 15 fell to just under 54,000 but that still represents an average annual growth rate of 15%.

Fall 2015 ridership is bouncing back quickly - October of this year was a record with almost 8,000 (7,941) Downeaster trips to/from Durham-UNH. Since the start of Downeaster service over 655,000 passengers have boarded or disembarked in Durham. UNH station represents approximately 12% of overall Downeaster ridership (over 5.7 million since December 2001). Durham-UNH is now the second largest ridership station in NH – (surpassing Dover in recent months ridership trends)

Stephen Pesci
UNH Campus Planning