Quick Note: Train Host Program

signalTrainRiders/NE Train Hosts serve as goodwill ambassadors onboard the Downeaster to assist passengers with information; assist train crews in duties as requested by them; and promote rail safety.

As a volunteer, you'll travel between Maine and Boston conversing with passengers along the way.

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NNEPRA Board Meeting - January, 2015

Performance Report:


The numbers speak for themselves - a downer for the Downeaster. The Downeaster transported fewer passengers in November of 2014 than in November of 2013. 

FYTD 2015 is running behind in ridership when compared to FYTD 2014, but revenue is up slightly (Wayne Davis told the board that on one recent weekend evening, there were 45 passengers waiting to get on the southbound train in Brunswick!).

Public Hearing on BLF Permit Scheduled

The Maine DEP has scheduled a public hearing on the Storm Water Runoff Permit for the evening of March 25th in Brunswick (location TBA). That permit is required by NNEPRA in order to proceed with construction of the Brunswick Layover Facility.

TrainRiders/NE is an 'intervenor' in the process which grants us the right to present expert evidence as well as cross-examine others who testify. All testimony is given under oath. The Brunswick neighborhood group is also an 'intervenor'. The Town of Brunswick is an 'interested municipal agency'.

A 'hearing officer' will moderate the session and file an assessment with the Commissioner of the DEP, Patricia Aho, who will make the final decision.