News Brief

NNEPRA reports May ridership missed FY2017 target by 5%, due to loss of approximately 2,500 riders because of weekend curtailments and heat restrictions. May ridership was only 261 passengers below May of last year. FY2017 YTD ridership is 9% ahead of target. When the June numbers come in, FY2017 promises to be a very successful year. 

The NNEPRA Board met this week in Portland where Executive Director Patricia Quinn reported continued growth in Downeaster ridership and revenue for May and the fiscal year to date:


The Customer Satisfaction Index was particularly encouraging when compared to the overall Amtrak system:


Tiger Grant Request Turned Down:


NNEPRA had applied for a $20 milion grant from the USDoT to fund additional items related to the Portland to Brunswick expansion. NNEPRA did not make the cut and will now have to search for additional funding elsewhere. This should not, according to Ms. Quinn, affect the startup date of the service to Freeport and Brunswick. More details in The Forecaster.