Quick Note: Train Host Program

signalTrainRiders/NE Train Hosts serve as goodwill ambassadors onboard the Downeaster to assist passengers with information; assist train crews in duties as requested by them; and promote rail safety.

As a volunteer, you'll travel between Maine and Boston conversing with passengers along the way.

Click on "Host Program" in the above menu for more information.

TrainRiders/NE took on an important responsibility last year as we joined NNEPRA in their battle against the NIMFYs (Not in My Freight Yard). Their toxic opposition threatened to sabotage the much-needed Brunswick Layover Facility.

Winter 2016 NL ImageWe became an 'intervenor' which allowed us to join the ongoing litigation before the Department of Environmental Protection and ultimately the Board of Environmental Protection. The so-called Brunswick West Neighborhood Coalition opposed the granting of a Storm Water Permit to NNEPRA. Without it, the facility could not be built. The state repeatedly overruled their objections and the lengthy legal dispute finally came to an end. We encourage you to read Counsel F. Bruce Sleeper's detailed summation in our newsletter - The Brunswick Challenge. Our legal bills topped $70,000. This effort is another example of why this organization is important to the improvement and expansion of passenger rail in the Northeast. Go here for the newsletter.