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TrainRiders/Northeast's 30th Annual Meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn by-the-Bay in Portland on December 14th at 12:30. The timing is convenient for north and southbound trains with free transportation between the Portland Tranportation Center and the Holiday Inn. You'll soon be able to use this website to make your reservations and luncheon selections - stay turned!

News relating to NNEPRA - primarily summaries of their board meetings.

NNEPRA Annual Meeting Celebrates FY2018

The NNEPRA Annual Meeting was filled with the sweet smell of success.

FY2018New records were set in FY18 - Ridership (7.7% more than FY17) ticket revenue (18.9% more than FY17) and passenger miles (10.7% more than FY17).

Nine months of FY18 set new ridership records.

The Downeaster maintained one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country in FY18 at 90%.

The Downeaster has transported more than 7.1 million passengers and generated more than $107 million in passenger revenue since the service began on December 14th in 2001.

Executive Director Patricia Quinn announced that after discussions with PanAm, the fifth round-trip to Boston will now originate in Brunswick starting November 12th.

Ms Quinn summarized the good FY18 numbers for TrainRiders/NE.

Kennebunk Cancels Planned Downeaster Stop!

...from by Donna Buttarattzi

KENNEBUNK -- The Board of Selectmen voted Tuesday to pull the plug on plans for an Amtrak Downeaster station that would have brought passenger rail service to downtown Kennebunk.

Four years after voters approved $300,000 for a seasonal train stop in town, the board voted unanimously Tuesday to officially halt the plans that appeared to be close to coming to fruition just a few weeks ago. 

Board Chairman Dick Morin read a statement from the board saying, “As we narrowed the conversation regarding the details of the project with regard to things such as renting versus owning and space availability for parking and restrooms, it became more apparent that this location, with its significant limitations, presented a situation that would make us losers if it won, meaning if it was successful, and losers if the project failed at that location.”

Read more: Kennebunk Cancels Planned Downeaster Stop!

The Downeaster Exceeds Ridership and Revenue Targets

NNEPRA's Executive Director, Patricia Quinn, reports that the Downeaster exceeded annual targets for ridership and revenue in FY 2017. Ridership topped out at 511,422, exceeding passenger goals by 9%. Revenue exceeded FY2017 goals by 7%.  There were track maintenance challenges, but "America's Favorite Train" came through with more than half a million riders! 

From the Portland Press Herald: "Improved reliability, schedule changes and added trips to Freeport and Brunswick helped add riders in 2016-17, the authority said. The Downeaster service has some of the highest customer satisfaction scores among Amtrak routes in the country."

Patrica Quinn was the 2014 Mainebiz Business Leader of the Year and she continues to drive the Downeaster to higher performance levels.

TrainRiders/NE interviewed Ms. Quinn about FY2017. It was a memorable year.




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