NNEPRA Reports on Downeaster Performance

NNEPRA held is regular monthly meeting on Monday. TrainRiders/NE's Legal Councilor F. Bruce Sleeper provided the following summary:

  • Executive Director Patricia Quinn said that April ridership is now about 1800 passengers more than last year, so the Downeaster continues to do well on that front, although a bit below the targets NNEPRA set even in January and March.  They are also below targets on revenues, again even in January and March.  

Downeaster Performance Moves Forward

NNEPRA's Year-to-Date Performance Report shows a return to normal conditions. For example, March's On Time Performance averaged 93%! As a volunteer at the Saco Train Station, I can attest to those numbers as #685 frequently coasts in a minute to two early. From NNEPRA's Brian Beeler II (as of March 10th), "Out of 210 trains operated this month to date – 87 of them arrived early to their final station!"